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Current Exhibition

Persi Darukhanawala, Susie Hamilton and Roxy Walsh

Exhibition runs from 3rd March to 1st July 2016

Private View: Wednesday, 2nd March, 6 - 8pm
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Art at Lloyds Club is pleased to announce its next exhibition: … and wishing you were far away. The curators, Katie Heller and Persi Darukhanawala, have created a display, not only where each artist’s work is shown separately on different floors, but also one where the works bring out new resonances in each other in the common spaces and mysterious affinities they share.

Organized by Patch – a London-based curatorial collective founded by Katie Heller, … and wishing you were far away transforms this distinguished four-storey Georgian townhouse venue into a space of artistic, creative and psychological contemplation and beauty. The work of the three artists ignites into a dynamic exchange that creates a visual, emotional and psychological conversation for anyone willing to look and listen in.

The title of this exhibition (from Paul Weller’s That’s Entertainment (1981)) exemplifies the oneiric everyday that each of these three artists contemplates differently. Susie Hamilton’s lets us, briefly and quickly, into moments of the consciousness of singularly lone girls on a hen-night or a lonely shopper morphing, disappearing into the bags and background of a frozen, commercial sea. Roxy Walsh combines different registers of language and pictorial idioms. Hers are the marks of someone who is present in the living, artistic, creative moment but whose poetic and lyrical impulses hint at artistic possibilities and alternatives elsewhere, perhaps far away. Persi Darukhanawala’s work is altogether more conceptual and psychological and is steeped in music. Its arresting minimality engages the viewer by clearing away the noise of everyday myths and incognito sentimentality. The paintings of these three artists might come from different places, but they join in dialogue and polylogue. It is the viewer who brings them into the real world with her/his eyes, mind, heart and, above all, humanity.

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